Thursday, May 22, 2014

Staff Appreciation - From Ashley, Lady Lady Office

As you may have noticed by now, we value our staff. They have high values that shine through in the work they perform, and all staff members have a caring heart which is always needed when helping patients in pain.
We are all a team, we are all one company who share one goal. To provide the best pain management patient care we possibly can. We strive daily to uphold an image of being friendly, caring, and, kind. 

We value each one of our employees and do our best to let them know we appreciate them.
This week we all met at Carrabba's restaurant and enjoyed a great meal with each other.

All the staff and providers came.
 We all share tips, websites, papers we've created and more to improve our patient care for each team member. We do not challenge each other, we challenge to better then our competition.


I am proud to call each person family. Thank you to everyone for your loyalty, patience, and daily efforts, without you we couldn't successfully help so many patients in pain every day.
Ashley O.
Office Manager
Lady Lake Office




Saturday, May 3, 2014


 "If I only got rid of my pain"
 "If I only lost 20 pounds"
 If I only ..." I would feel so much better, I would be so much happier ...

The feeling of wellbeing is a combo. It requires several components to be in harmony and balanced. Patients in pain will always make their pain  or any other problem they pick on that day as being the reason for them not feeling well.

the 4 mayor components of well being are

these 4 elements co-exist all at the time in us. They must be IN-Sync  and doing well for us to feel well.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Central Florida Pain Management video - Migraines

While they've been known to knock a person out, migraines weren't thought to permanently affect the brain - until now.

A new study published last month in the journal Neurology suggests migraines may leave a mark.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ride the Wave to Good Health - Expo

Our office recently attended a Health Expo at The Savannah Center here in The Villages.  The expo was put on by The Villages Human Resource Center for The Villages Employees. 
Not only did they offer free health care screenings for those who attended, but they also had raffle prizes, and trivia.  Not only was there a range of providers with informational booths, but also lots of entertainment.  With Hula dancer, music, and an ongoing movie it was fun for all the employees who came out, as well as ourselves!

Savannah Center

Tina, Mr. McLaughlin & Ashley

Savannah Center

Ashley, Office Manager, Lady Lake

Tina, office Manager, Ocala

Hula Dancers

This expo really made it easy for the become more aware of the health related programs offered locally, services, and multiple providers here in the area. 
Our number one goal is patient care, which includes providing patient education.  We loved being at this expo, and can't wait until our next one!