Thursday, June 5, 2014

Have you Wondered? by Dr. Cesar A. Euribe

Why plants are green?
Why some people are mean?
Why dogs became pets?
Why do we have pain?
Why do people seem to feel more or less pain than others?

Well I can at least help with the pain questions.
       We feel pain pain as a signal to avoid injury or more harm. It, like fear  is a protective mechanism.  The differences in perception of pain are mainly related to genetics (protoplasm) and environment. Like everything else in our lives.  

When I used to circumcise newborn boys we (in a barbaric way) strapped them to a papoose and proceeded with the mutilation. No anesthetic. Some babies just laid and slept, others didn't stop crying and everything in-between. Obviously they felt different amount of pain. 

     PURE GENETICS (protoplasm) no socialization, secondary gain in other words no influence from their environment.  Family characteristics and up-bringing will start setting their influence almost immediately either emotionally and socially reinforcing or mitigating their personal level of pain perception. Family, social and other ENVIRONMENT issues will further influence the different perceptions of pain.

 Keep tuned, I will share some more in the future. 
Dr. Cesar A. Euribe