Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Serving you for the past 20 years

Proud to have been serving you for the past 20 years
Its a good feeling to say that I have been privileged to serve Marion County for the past 20 years.  Being able to serve and aide my own community is a true blessing and I honestly have enjoyed every moment. 
I looked forward to continuing to serve the community and expand my services I can provide for 2016.  Together with my staff my goal is to provide care for all your pain management needs through Injections, Stimulator Trials, Morphine Pump Trials, Medication Management, and Alternative Therapies. For 2016 I can only hope to continue to grow and provide even more care and options for treatment this year then the previous year.
In 2016 we remember to always uphold our core values and look forward to another year of serving our community.
Core Values:  

*We value our patients above all.
*We strive to make our care second to none and give to them our best knowledge of science and medicine.
*We have total dedication to their pain relief and long term results.
*We try to provide a plan of care that is comprehensive, multifactorial and safe.
*Above all complaint with the principles of "first do no harm", ethics, respect, honesty and compassion.
I wish everyone a safe and healthy new year.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Concept of Wellness

Concept of Wellness

           The emphasis in the new millennium is in the improvement of quality of life. Quality of life cannot be achieved unless it is developed within a concept of wellness. The answer to some patients does not come from traditional medications, surgeries, or procedures. Though it can be important and needed to have these interventions, it is not the only available solution at the exclusion of others.
          Combining the traditional approach with the concept of wellness eventually is the only way to improve quality of life. Part of the concept of wellness involves focusing on the good and enjoyable part of our lives more than focusing on the debilitating or negative aspects of our lives; focusing on what we can do instead of what we can't do.
         As we give our attention to enhancing personal relationships and enjoying the gift of life, the resulting happiness will serve to raise the level of serotonin in the blood and lesson the sensation of pain.