Monday, November 17, 2014

Medical Marijuana - Post By: Cesar A. Euribe, MD

“Medical?” Marijuana


I was all excited with the possibility of marijuana becoming legal for medical use here in Florida.

As a physician I would have hoped that the first thought that came to my mind was of joy for how many patients I was going to be able to help their medical conditions like …???___ By prescribing marijuana.  It was not, it was more of wonder as to what was my knowledge or education on the pharmacology and clinical indications for THC.

 I have a lot of anecdotal experience and being a baby boomer know many that during the Vietnam era, Peace and Love and Woodstock were, and some still are, great fans of the product.  My generation never claimed, even with “wide spread” experience that marijuana was medicinal. Then I wonder why was medical therapy and approval of drugs, being defined by “popular vote”.

Practicing pain medicine has been an eye opener for me. I have witnessed many unscrupulous physicians and a great number of patients that either claimed or have actually been hurt by the prescribing of mind altering (dopamine, serotonin, Mu and other mood and pleasure receptor modifiers). Marijuana IS a mood altering receptor modifying drug. Like alcohol I am concluding more and more that Marijuana should be controlled as recreational like alcohol. Lump it there with the ATF. I do not think that as a physician I should be asked to control the use of recreational drugs by VOTING them medical. I have a lot on my plate just trying to make sense of pain killers.

But truthfully my first thought was more like WOW I CAN GET RICH.

Post By: Cesar A. Euribe M.D.