Monday, January 12, 2015

Alternative Therapies - By Cesar Euribe

I came across a patient who asked me if he postpone his traditional injections and pain management to try and see if the use of TART CHERRY JUICE would help his back and leg pain. He had heard from one of his friends who has a hip problem that his pain was gone by using that juice..

After my bruised ego stopped wining, I was able to look into that situation and was surprised by the explanations on-line.

“It’s the ANTIOXIDANTS stupid!!! In my tantrum, I forgot that there is a high content of multiple “good things” in our fruits and vegetables. Sometimes we forget that most medications come from the plants in our wonderful world. They provide us with the wonderful products we know now are essential for a balance feeling of well-being. We directly get co-enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, prostaglandins steroids, hormones or their most important precursors.

Our grandmother’s were so right when they demanded we eat all our fruits, veggies, cod oil, spices etc etc. Those have been the basis of true homeostasis. Other OTC medicines like chondroitin, calcium pyruvate, magnesium etc are also in fruits and veggies.

My education has been in the traditional western medicine, I have been educated in some of the finest medical centers of the world such as MGH, BCH, Judge Baker, UPCH hospital and a few others. Finest traditional scientific medicine but it now feels at the expense of other disciplines now known as Alternative, Holistic, Eastern, Homeopathic, therapies.

In the last 10 years and because of high demand from the patients we are paying more attention to such alternative therapies.

I will elaborate more on Alternatives in future blogs.

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Cesar A. Euribe, M.D.