Monday, July 21, 2014

A doggie named Max - Post by Cesar A. Euribe, M.D.


About 12 years ago I made the decision to get a dog. I had been reading about how appropriately trained dogs were helping care for patients suffering chronic pain, cancer or other debilitating conditions. Doggies were able to provide calmness, comfort and emotional support to many of these patients.

So, a 2 ½ month old yellow lab became part of my life both at home and at the office. Any possible doubt about my decision, disappeared from my mind after my new friend “Max” met most of the expectations we had for a therapy dog.

As a young puppy Max underwent several months of crate training, obedience and therapy schools.  My wonderful co-workers helped me so much and delivered consistency. After all of that, out emerged a wonderful, comforting, well trained and liked dog.

Max served our patients for the rest of his privileged life, he provided comfort and attention to so many people, and yes he was privileged for having been well cared and actually have added purpose to his comfortable life. I am not a dog lover who fanatically considers dogs as almost human. Max did teach me a lesson of respect for animals and being responsible for another life.

Max passed from complications of diabetes and seizures. He was made comfortable and remained working during the 2 years he lived after his diagnosis.

We now welcome BELLA a sweet puppy who if lucky, will have the same wonderful life Max had, Her master is Mr. Dan McLaughlin, PA. She has been coming to the office for over a month now. Looks very promising.

 WELLCOME BELLA to the CFPM family.
Written by: Cesar A. Euribe, M.D.

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