Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Truth about Addiction - By Cesar A. Euribe, M.D.

              The Truth about Addiction

The disease of addiction is a sad and difficult malady to treat. Ever since it was recognized we learned that the disease of addiction crosses all races, socioeconomic, cultural, educational and gender lines.

 Its diagnoses requires several conditions to be met:

1. - Genetic predisposition

2. - Dysfunctional upbringing

3. - Obsessive use in spite of negative consequences

4. - Mind altering pleasure generating serotonin and dopamine surges produced by drugs, food, sex , activities like gambling, exercise etc.

5. - A loop that goes from high to low and craving that requires more and more use.

Pain management is confronted all the time with doubts about is it pain or is it addiction. We are lucky we have Dr. Roger Spencer board certified in Addiction medicine. Also boarded in Anesthesiology and pain management.

We can help many patients with our expertise.

Cesar A. Euribe, M.D.


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